SSAB pilot plant launched without fossil carbon

Yesterday, the production of fossil-free steel has become one step closer for the Swedish steelmaker SSAB after the launch of the “unique worldwide” HYBRIT pilot plant for the production of fossil-free sponge iron.

Key executives from the three companies involved in the project – SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall – along with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Leuven and Deputy Prime Minister and Environment and Climate Minister Isabella Levin attended the event, which was described as a “historic opportunity”. to “accelerate climate transition”.

Swedish Prime Minister Löfven commented: “Right now, we have a historic opportunity to do what provides jobs here and now, but also accelerates the transition to climate change, which everyone understands is necessary. Today you are laying the foundation that will enable the Swedish steel industry to be completely fossil and carbon dioxide-free in 20 years. Together we can rebuild Sweden as the world’s first fossil-free welfare country. ”

Deputy Prime Minister Levin said the inauguration showed that the industrial transition is happening now “as we say,” and that a fossil-free society is within reach. “This unique project has drawn a lot of attention to Sweden all over the world. Thanks to the Industry Transition Leadership Group, which the UN has asked Sweden to lead, this has the potential to impact globally, ”she said.

Martin Lindqvist, President and CEO of SSAB, said he was “incredibly proud” that HYBRIT has completed the construction of “a pilot plant unique to the world.” “This is an important milestone in the transition to fossil-free steel. We aim to be the first on the market as early as 2026 for fossil-free steel. HYBRIT technology will enable us to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from steelmaking and at the same time help our customers reduce their climate impact. We have a chance to revolutionize the entire steel industry and show that zero emissions are possible. We must take this chance, ”he said.

Hybrit Development is a joint venture company formed by three Swedish industrial companies: steel producer SSAB, mining company LKAB and energy supplier Vattenfall. The goal of the collaboration is to develop the world’s first fossil-based steelmaking process. A by-product of the use of electricity and hydrogen in steel making, which does not contain fossil fuels, instead of coke and coal, is water instead of carbon dioxide. The project is said to have the potential to cut Sweden’s overall carbon dioxide emissions by 10%. The HYBRIT project received financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency.

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