Mexican authorities ordered to partially close the ArcelorMittal plant

ArcelorMittal México reports that its plant in Lazaro Cardenas was partially closed on 23 July after local authorities accused him of a number of violations, including lack of a license to operate and arrears in payment of contributions over the past six years … Stalevar tells , that the city council also demanded a payment of 130 million MXN ($ 5.76 million) in addition to the monthly tax increase.

According to a note issued by the City Council, ArcelorMittal also lacks an Internal Civil Protection Program and therefore jeopardizes the safety of its workforce and society at large. Operations in areas where failure to operate could result in irreparable damage continue as usual.

In the meantime, ArcelorMittal qualified the partial closure of its operations as abuse and contempt of federal law, as a judge from the Michoacan District granted the company a suspension of closure on July 11. Despite this order, “… civil servants from the municipality of Lazaro Cardenas, accompanied by the police, entered our premises using force without any decision to close.”

ArcelorMittal México confirms that it has paid the relevant taxes every two months and has made some contributions in advance. “The necessary permits were requested from the municipality, and it complied with the conditions, processes and obligations every time installation and /or construction work was carried out on the territory of the company,” explains the steelworker.

ArcelorMittal reaffirms that it will continue to fulfill its legal obligations and maintain its position as a source of employment for more than 8,000 Lazaro Cardenas families, as well as over 50,000 indirect jobs created through its value chain.

ArcelorMittal’s combined plant in Lazaro Cardenas has a production capacity of 2.4 million tonnes per year and 4 million tonnes per year, respectively.

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