There is an increase in permits for steel imports in the USA

The American Institute of Iron and Steel (AISI) has published the latest data on monitoring and analysis of steel imports (SIMA), which shows a significant increase in applications for permits for steel imports in July this year.

According to the Department of Commerce, in July 2020, the number of applications for permits was 2.007 million net tonnes. This is significantly higher by 20.5% compared to the 1.666 million permitted net tonnes recorded in the previous month. According to AISI, compared to preliminary imports in June 2020 of 1.391 million net tonnes, tonnage of steel import permits in July 2020 increased by about 44%.

In July, the tonnage of permits for finished steel imports totaled 1.219 million net tonnes, down 6.9% from the preliminary total imports of 1.310 million net tonnes in June this year. Rebar reported the largest increase in permits in July compared to the previous month, an increase of 71%. Import permits for tinplate and tin-free steel also rose 49% and 48%, respectively.

Total steel imports for the first seven months of this year amounted to 14.394 million net tons, which is almost 23% less than in the previous year. Meanwhile, imports of finished steel in January-July ’20 fell sharply by 27% compared to the same period in 2019. Imports of tinless steel reported a 27% increase in imports from the beginning of the year to the current date in 2020. Another product is expected to show significant growth since the beginning of the year. these are light-shaped bars, the imports of which have grown by 14% compared to January-July ’19.

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