Steel production increased in North America

This week, the World Steel Association released statistics that reported a 5.5% increase in steel production in North America compared to 2017.

By October 2018, North American steel production had reached over 10 million tonnes of metal output. If in 2017 productivity did not reach such figures, then by now the efficiency of factories and production enterprises has grown significantly.

The USA is in the first place in steel production. Thanks to the growth of production in the USA, all statistics have increased as a whole. Steel production in the United States for 2018 reached 7.5 million tonnes.

Mexico is next in terms of productivity, with production of 1.6 million tonnes of steel. In third place was Canada. Its productivity has dropped by almost 15% compared to last year. But this did not prevent it from being among the three largest countries in steel production. In 2018, steel production in Canada was 1.16 million tonnes.

As of the end of October 2018, the total steel output of these countries is 99% of the total North American steel industry.

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