United Steelworkers supports Joe Biden’s plan for production and innovation

United Steelworkers International President Tom Conway, responding to the manufacturing and innovation segment of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better economic plan, said: “Emerging from the Covid-19 crisis and ensuring shared prosperity for future generations will require bold action and sustained commitment. Joe Biden’s plan to revive American production demonstrates both: as the pandemic has clearly shown, our country must be able to meet its own needs. And now, more than ever, we urgently need to create good jobs for families to stem the economic downturn and reverse decades of rampant economic inequality. Biden will spur American production through much-needed investment in our country’s crumbling infrastructure. Combined with strong Buy American clauses that ensure tax money supports domestic industry, this recovery campaign will make our country safer and create millions of jobs. ”

He added that “his plan also includes an ambitious procurement commitment and a roadmap for bringing critical supply chains back to the United States. These provisions will allow our country to strengthen itself in the economic sphere and strengthen our national security. Equally important, Biden’s plan recognizes the need for strong labor protection, which allows workers to collectively bargain for higher wages and higher benefits. By supporting the ABM Act, Biden will ensure that the jobs created under his economic plan are middle-class jobs that will enable workers to make the American Dream come true. ”

He concluded: “Our country needs a leader who understands the need for a strong manufacturing base; from medicines to steel and clean energy technologies, our country must make things here and pay workers competitive wages to get them done. Joe Biden’s plan shows that he not only understands the strategic importance of domestic manufacturing, but also values ​​American workers. “

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