US crude steel production fell by 25%

US crude steel production for the week ended August 29, 2020 was 1.383 million net. The plant’s capacity utilization was 61.7%, according to the latest weekly steel industry data released by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).

Estimated production for the last week represents a 24.9% decrease from the corresponding week a year earlier. For the week ended 29 August 2019, production was 1.841 million net tonnes at a capacity utilization rate of 79.1%. Production this week is comparable to production of 1.412 mn net tonnes at 63.0% capacity utilization in the previous week. According to AISI, production declined 2.1% in the previous week.

According to AISI, adjusted production from the beginning of the year to 29 August 2020 was 51.841 million net tonnes, down 20.1% from the previous year. The production capacity utilization rate for this period averaged 66.0%. Rough steel production amounted to 64.917 million net tons with an average capacity utilization of 80.7% in the corresponding period last year.

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