Nippon Steel cuts production of blast furnaces

Nippon Steel Corporation is reducing blast furnace output ratio, extending sandblasting time and taking other measures to reduce overall steel production. However, in response to the sharp drop in demand for steel products, Nippon Steel decided to take additional measures.

From the beginning of July 2020, as soon as the preparatory work is completed, commence the scheduled release work, pause to repair blast furnace # 2 of the Hokkai Iron & Coke Corporation, which has cast iron plants at the Muroran plant. Banking of blast furnace No. 2 in the Yawata area of ​​the Kyushu plant in Kokure will take place from the beginning of July 2020, once the preparatory work is completed. Blast furnace 2 was scheduled to close by the end of the first half of fiscal 2020.

It is also envisaged to take measures to temporarily stop production of the blast furnace, but to make it possible to resume production at a later stage by stopping the air flow. Management intends to continue to respond to changes in steel demand in Japan and overseas and to make quick and efficient adjustments to production.

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