At the negotiations on the abolition of customs tariffs on Mexican steel, the United States proposes to replace them with quotas

According to the Mexican news agency, negotiations are continuing in the United States between representatives of the presidential administration Donald Trump and Mexico’s main trade negotiator, Jesus Side. The purpose of the dialogue is the abolition of customs tariffs on Mexican steel exported to the United States. As stated by the representative of the President of Mexico on Monday: “The issue must be resolved within a few weeks” – without giving an exact date.

It should be recalled that the tariffs were introduced in June of the current year with the wording: “For reasons of national security” – despite the agreements reached on revising them in October 2018, they continue to operate to this day. The delay in the negotiation process is due to the fact that the US representatives insist on the introduction of export restrictive quotas in exchange for the customs tariff, the arguments of the Mexican side are not reported to journalists.

The introduction of customs tariffs also affected another North American country. Canada, which has long been considered the most reliable partner of the United States in all political and economic issues, is not an exception and has to look for ways to resolve the issue of selling steel products produced on its territory if the decision on the introduction of quotas comes into force.

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