Borishev begins to experience difficulties from the coronavirus

The Polish company Boryszew (Boryshev) announced that it has adopted a preliminary work schedule to resume production. At the same time, the company acknowledged that demand for some of the company’s products was starting to decline. The production in her factories is adapted to the current demand from the customers.

Borishev also notes that the impact of the epidemic on the company’s operations is beginning to be felt in the metals and chemicals segment. This is especially evident since April 2020 in terms of falling demand for some products.

However, the company acknowledges that there was no significant reduction in production capacity and there was no disruption or disruption of supply chains in the processes carried out by the group companies.

The Boryszew Group specializes in the production of automotive components, non-ferrous metal processing and industrial chemicals. It operates through 38 manufacturing plants and research and development centers located in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The company employs almost 12,000 people on 4 continents. It is interesting that every tenth car in the world and every fifth in Europe have parts made at one of the company’s factories.

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