ArcelorMittal will supply steel for a new stadium in Brazil

[: en] ArcelorMittal has been awarded a contract for the supply of steel solutions that will be used in the construction of the MRV Arena, the Clube Atlético Mineiro stadium, which will begin construction in Belo Horizonte. Around 10,000 tonnes of rolled metal will be spent on the work, which will be used in foundations, substructures and large prefabricated reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete parts. ArcelorMittal was selected as the supplier of long products due to the quality and exclusive offerings required for the project.

Work is currently underway to prepare 114,600 square meters of land in the California area in the state capital of Minas Gerais. Steel deliveries are scheduled to begin in May 2020 and will be in demand within 30 months of construction. The steel will be used directly in the construction of MRV Arena, in charge of Racional Engenharia, in the precast and prestressed concrete elements of the Arena structure, terrace and parking lot, which will be manufactured by Precon Pré. -Fabricados, and in the metal structures of the roof and porches of the stands to be assembled by Codeme.

Galo Stadium is one of the largest construction projects in Brazil. It is a multifunctional arena for 46 thousand spectators and meets the most modern world ideas about large sports facilities. The project, developed by the architecture firm Farkasvölgyi in Belo Horizonte, includes, in addition to the grandstands, 68 cabins, two lounges, 40 bars, 50 bathrooms and covered parking with 2,500 spaces. The terrace will be open to the public and will have a public children’s and medical center.

For this work, ArcelorMittal will provide rebar, screens, profiles and trusses in addition to the exclusive strings manufactured by Belgo Bekaert, a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, for the use of Precon Prefabricados in reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structures (with high tensile strength), as well as allowing the assembly large free spans provided in the project.

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