ArcelorMittal relaunches blast furnace 4 at Indiana plant

ArcelorMittal is restarting a blast furnace at ArcelorMittal Harbor Indiana Harbor, which was shut down due to coronavirus, and is repairing another blast furnace damaged by an explosion at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor. Spokesman William Steers said: “ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor has begun preparations for the relaunch of the Indiana Harbor blast furnace. The flexibility provided by our US assets at ArcelorMittal allows the company to continue to align manufacturing to customer needs. ”

In May, a steel mill shut down 4 blast furnaces at its Indiana Harbor steel mill after auto mills across the country halted for deep cleaning to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Metallurgists blew up the blast furnace to accommodate the slump in demand, while maintaining the flexibility of our operations and the necessary precautions to preserve the asset for future production.

Stalevar is also repairing Blast Furnace D, which was damaged in an explosion last month at the Burns Harbor plant. The failure of the furnace dome two weeks ago sparked a fire that forced the company to shut down the blast furnace. Videos posted on social media show the blast stream pouring debris from large pieces of burning hot refractory into the mill, an inner liner that protects the blast furnace shell from overheating temperatures during the steelmaking process.

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