Ukrzaliznytsia wants to introduce contactless payment on trains

Ukrzaliznytsia wants to introduce contactless payments on trains. For the implementation of the pilot project the directions Kiev – Fastov and Kiev – Svyatoshino were chosen. At a number of stations, in particular, it is planned to install turnstile systems and ticket terminals.

In case of successful implementation, the project is planned to be extended to other suburban areas. According to Oleksandr Pertsovskiy, director of the Passenger Company Ukrzaliznytsia branch, VISA partners have technical solutions that enable this service to be launched early next year. “Passengers will be able to pay for travel by contactless card, or even by phone, and not stand in line at the ticket office.

By the way, in the situation with the spread of coronavirus, this option is very relevant. The railway will also receive advantages, which will be able to at least partially overcome the problem of “rabbits”, – said Pertsovsky. Ukrzaliznytsia is a national carrier of goods and passengers.

According to the information on the company’s website, it currently provides 82% of freight and about 50% of passenger traffic, carried out by all types of transport.

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