Ukrainian hydrometeorological center warns of a thunderstorm in Kiev on Tuesday

On Tuesday, July 7, a thunderstorm is expected in Kiev, according to the Kiev City State Administration, citing a warning from the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

“Experts remind that during a thunderstorm, turn off electrical appliances, turn off TV from the antenna, close all windows, do not go to the windows, do not grasp the metal entrance doors, “- said in a message released on Monday.

In nature, you should go down to the lowland, move away from lonely trees (pillars ( put under yourself), in the forest you should hide under low trees or in the bushes.

“During a thunderstorm, you cannot: hide under very tall trees, sit in glades, hide under rocks, swim, go to open areas in wet clothes or a tight group, “- warn in the KSCA.

The Department of Civil Protection of the KSCA recommends when trees or branches fall, when people are injured, etc. immediately inform emergency services by phone: 101 or 103.

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