A political scandal occurred in French Lyon because of the school menu

The menu for schoolchildren in the city of Lyon caused a major political scandal in France.

It all started when Lyon Mayor Grerori Doucet, representing the Green Party, announced that during the COVID-19 pandemic, all schools in the city will have only one menu: vegetarian.

the indignation of the country’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen. “This is an unacceptable insult to our farmers and butchers. Often many children in France have the opportunity to eat meat only in the school cafeteria,” the minister said. In his opinion, in Lyon, there is “an unacceptable attempt to impose ideology.”

MP from the ruling party “Forward, Republic” Bruno Bonnel also criticized the innovation.

so that these small “temporary” measures to prevent meat from entering canteens do not lead to veganism imposed from above, “the politician noted.

In turn, the French Ministry of Agriculture intends to understand this situation and find out the reasons for the decision Mayor.

The Lyon City Hall explained that during a pandemic it is easier for them to offer children a single menu. In addition, the vegetarian option, according to Doucet, is suitable for all children, regardless of tastes and religions. In particular, the mayor’s office explained that before the pandemic, canteens offered several menus for the elections and about half of the children chose the vegetarian set.

Lyon is one of the main gastronomic centers in France. It is known in particular for its meat dishes.
The pros and cons of vegetarian diets have become one of the topics of the “Club of Experts”

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