A significant cooling is expected in Ukraine

In the next day, a significant cooling is expected in Ukraine due to the movement of cold Arctic air from the northwest, Ukrhydrometcenter reports.

On Friday, September 18, no precipitation in Ukraine, only intermittent rain and thunderstorms in places in the northeastern regions. Northwest wind, 7-12 m /s, gusts 15-20 m /s.

At night, in the western and northern regions, a sharp decrease in temperature is expected at night – up to 4-9 ° C (in the western regions at soil in places frost 0-3 °), in the daytime up to 10-15 ° C. In the rest of the territory at night 9-14 ° (on the seashore up to 17) °, in the daytime 14-19 °, in the southern part up to 22 °.

In Kiev, at night there is a small intermittent rain, thunderstorm, no precipitation in the daytime. The temperature at night is 7-9 °, in the daytime 13-15 °.

According to the Central Geophysical Observatory in Kiev, the highest temperature in the afternoon on September 18 was recorded in 2015 and amounted to 29.7 ° above zero, the lowest at night – 1.4 ° above zero in 1958.

On Saturday, September 19, cold weather without precipitation is expected in Ukraine. The temperature at night is 3-8 °, on the surface of the soil frosts are 0-3 °, in the daytime 15-20 ° are warm. In the Transcarpathian region and in the south of the country at night 5-10 °, in the daytime 18-23 °.

North, north-west wind, 3-8 m /s.

In Kiev without precipitation, northwestern wind, 3-8 m /s.

Temperature at night 4-6 ° C, in the daytime 15-17 °.

September 17 at 9 o’clock water temperature in The Black and Azov seas were 21-23 °, in the Dnieper within Kiev 19 °.

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