Hot and unstable weather is expected in Ukraine, with occasional rains, thunderstorms and wind

In the next day, the weather in most regions of Ukraine will be determined by hot unstable air mass.

According to the Ukrhydrometeorological Center, on Tuesday night, July 13, in the southern, Zhytomyr, Kiev, Vinnitsa and Cherkasy regions, in the daytime on the Right Bank, in some places short-term rains, thunderstorms, gusts of 15-20 m /s are expected; no precipitation in the rest of the territory.

East, southeast wind, 5-10 m /s.

Temperature at night 15-20 °, on the seashore up to 24 °, in the daytime 28 -33 °, in the western part in places 25-27 °; in the Carpathians at night 8-13 °, in the daytime 18-23 °.

In Kiev on Tuesday, intermittent rain, thunderstorms, temperature at night 18-20 °, day 30-32 °.

According to the Central Geophysical Observatory in Kiev, on July 13, the highest daytime temperature (+ 34.1 °) was in 1936, the lowest at night (+ 8.2 °) in 1904.

On Wednesday, July 14, no precipitations in Ukraine. South-east and east wind, 3-8 m /s. The air temperature is 15-20 ° at night, 30-35 ° in the daytime.

In Kiev, on Wednesday, no precipitation. South-east and east wind, 3-8 m /s. The air temperature at night 18-20 °, in the daytime 32-34 °.

In the morning of July 12, the water temperature in the Black and Azov Seas was within 24-26 °, in the Dnieper near Kiev – 26 °.

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