On Monday, February 8, snow, blizzards, snow drifts are predicted in Kiev

On Monday, February 8, snow, blizzards, snow drifts are predicted in Kiev, the Kiev City State Administration reports, citing a warning from the Ukrhydrometeorological Center.

“… forecasters predict an increase in snow of 15-20 cm. Gusts of wind of 15-20 m /s and ice on the roads (and the level of danger is yellow) are also expected,” the KSCA said in a message released on Friday.

Forecasters also predict a significant decrease in temperature: at night 13-16 ° frost, in the daytime 7-10 ° frost.

The Department of Municipal Security calls for observing the main recommendations in case of a significant decrease in air temperature:

– dress in layers. It is better to wear several light jackets instead of one warm one. This should prevent sweating, which is dangerous in the cold;

– Protect exposed skin. Do not forget to wear gloves, a hat, a scarf, raise the collar;

– shoes should only be worn dry, and you should also remember that they should not squeeze your leg;

– do not go out into the cold hungry. Be sure to eat well, preferably something high in calories. If you are cold – also eat something;

– go every hour or half an hour into a warm room if you spend the whole day outdoors;

– move in the cold, it increases blood circulation and promotes warming the body;

– sweetened hot tea or coffee will allow you to warm up;

– it is absolutely forbidden to touch the metal with your bare hands or tongue;

– alcoholic beverages should not be consumed – alcohol leads to faster heat loss;

– in no case should you rub the affected area or warm the affected body tissues with hot water or near hot radiators.

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