At midnight 25 kopecks and old banknotes cease to be legal tender

Old banknotes and 25-kopeck coins will cease to be legal tender in Ukraine at 23:59 on September 30. The National Bank of Ukraine announced such a decision earlier this month. “Firstly, coins with a denomination of 25 kopecks and all hryvnia banknotes of old designs, introduced into circulation before 2003, cease to be a means of payment when making payments in cash and will be withdrawn from circulation from October 1, 2020.

Secondly, the National Bank will actively withdraw from circulation paper notes of 1 and 2 hryvnia and 1 hryvnia coins of the 1996 model, replacing them with the corresponding circulating coins of the 2018 model, ”the NBU said. The regulator said that citizens will be able to exchange 25-kopeck coins and old banknotes introduced into circulation before 2003 without restrictions and free of charge for coins and banknotes of other denominations and designs over the next three years. By September 30, 2021, this can be done in all Ukrainian banks.

After that, and until September 30, 2022, old coins and banknotes will be accepted by the NBU, Oschadbank, Privatbank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval and FUIB.

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