Thunderstorms and gusts of wind 15-20 m /s are expected in Kiev at night on July 8

Thunderstorms and gusts of wind of 15-20 m /s are expected in Kiev at night on July 8, Ukrhydrometcenter reports.

Experts urge to follow the basic safety recommendations during strong winds: all windows of houses are tight close, remove from balconies and loggias objects that may fall out, stay away from billboards, power lines and trees on the street, in case of strong wind – hide in the nearest room or natural shelter.

It is also not recommended to be close to large trees, especially poplars, and do not park vehicles next to them.

During a thunderstorm, turn off electrical appliances, disconnect the TV from the antenna, close all windows and do not approach them, do not grab metal entrance doors .

In nature, you need to go down to the lowlands, move away from lonely trees, poles and towers, stay away from water bodies. In an open area, it is worth hiding in a hole or moat, and a group of people sit alone. Metal objects must be removed and placed separately from yourself, rubber or plastic things can be covered or put under you. In the forest, you should hide under low trees or in the bushes.

During a thunderstorm, you must not: hide under very tall trees, sit in glades, hide under rocks, swim, walk in open areas in wet clothes or in a dense group.

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