In Kiev, the primary housing market recorded a decline in prices

At the end of April 2021, the median prices in the primary housing market in Kiev decreased by an average of 4% compared to March (by 10% year-on-year), while the largest decline was observed in the segment of three-room apartments – up to 17%, follows from the study of the portal

“The factor in the decline in median prices was the entry into the market of five new properties with prices below the market average. This led to quite noticeable price changes – multi-room and three-room apartments were the first to suffer,” said Roman Gerasimchuk, Director of City Development Solutions. >

According to the study, in April, the median prices for two-room apartments were $ 1030 /sq. m, which is 6.4% lower than the March figure, three-room apartments – $ 1012 /sq. m, which is 17% lower than in March. At the same time, the price for one-room apartments in April increased by 3% compared to the previous month – up to $ 1,046 /sq. m.

According to the portal, advertisements for the sale of two-room apartments were most often viewed – the number of requests was 46% of the total. 37% of users were interested in one-room, three-room – only 7%. At the same time, the most popular were apartments in the price range of $ 50-70 thousand (47%), in second place – up to $ 30 thousand (30%), and apartments worth $ 30-50 thousand occupied 17% of the total demand structure. p>

According to the portal, in March, advertisements for the sale of apartments in the Goloseevsky district of the capital were most often viewed (the median price is $ 1 thousand /sq. m), followed by Shevchenkovsky ($ 1.5 thousand /sq. m), Pechersky ($ 1.9 thousand /sq. M) and Obolonsky ($ 1 thousand /sq. M) districts. They were least interested in buying an apartment in the Podolsk district. research is based on the analysis of ads posted on the portal and user activity (224 thousand visits in April-2021).

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