Work on the construction of the “Crystal Wall of Wailing” has begun in Babi Yar

On the territory of Babi Yar in Kiev, work has begun on the construction of the “Crystal Wall of Wailing” – a memorial object of the world famous conceptual artist Marina Abramovich, who specially came from New York to Kiev before the start of the work, according to the press service of the Holocaust Memorial Center “Babi Yar”.

“In Babi Yar, you feel incredible emotions and great sadness, you start to talk not only about what happened from a historical point of view, but also about our human nature. Why should we humans be wild? Why should we kill, torture ? Why do we divide people into “us” and “them”? Who are “they” and who are “we”? We are all people. But why does history repeat itself over and over again? When you go to Babi Yar, you begin to imagine thousands and thousands people in one place and you feel as if you are going with them, “Abramovich said on this occasion.

It is noted that the” Crystal Wall of Wailing “ICC” Babiy Yar ” Babi Yar. It will become part of the first phase of the Babyn Yar memorial.

The Crystal Wailing Wall will be one of the largest art objects in Europe built over the past decade. Its length will reach 40 meters and its height – 3 meters. The main materials used in the installation – Ukrainian anthracite coal and quartz from Brazil – symbolize energy, “- said in a message released on Friday.

It clarifies that quartz crystals will be grouped in three and located on different heights: at the level of a person’s head, heart and abdomen. Visitors can touch the wall to feel the energy of the crystals. At the same time, up to 40 people of different heights and ages can be near the object.

“I have been working with crystals for a very long time. I have always believed that crystals are capable of collecting all the light of the earth’s energy memory. If you tune in to the energy of the crystal, you will feel how the memory is able to rewind itself back. The idea is that you have to face these crystals. You just have to be strong enough to truly feel this energy and the wall itself. It is not only a wall of lamentation over what happened, but also a wall of forgiveness because we need to learn to forgive. Forgiveness is liberation from the past and a new look at the future, “the author of the memorial object noted.

The Moscow Art Center emphasizes that Marina Abramovich is one of the most famous contemporary artists.

In her works, she explores the possibilities of the human body and mind, as well as the relationship between the artist and the public. Abramovich received the “Golden Lion” prize at the 47th Venice Biennale for the performance “Balkan Baroque” in memory of the victims of the war in Yugoslavia. Also among her most famous works – “Rhythm 0” (1974), “Seven Easy Pieces” (2005), “In the presence of an artist” (2010) “, – reported in the Moscow Art Center.

They remind that this year, the first stage of the memorial will be opened in Babi Yar.

In addition to the Crystal Wailing Wall, the Kurgan museum space, designed by the architectural company SUB (Berlin), will also be opened.

” The object reproduces the history of executions on September 29-30, 1941 in Babi Yar using 3D modeling technology developed by the Center for Spatial Technologies, “the Memorial Center summarizes.

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