Zaporizhstal completed overhaul of blast furnace No. 5

After a major overhaul, Zaporizhstal brought blast furnace No. 5 (DP-5) to production capacity. The cost of repairs is about UAH 75 million.

During the overhaul, work was carried out to improve the reliability of the metallurgical unit. Replacement of the bell-less charging device, gas cut-off valves, charge gates, sinter screens was completed. Repair and replacement of metal structures of the sites was carried out. The main trough No. 1 was replaced, the gas cleaning plant pipelines were hydro-monitored, new mechanisms for closing the cast-iron taphole were installed, the electrical and power equipment was revised.

Metinvest-Promservice was the general contractor.

After blowing, the DP-5 was brought to its design capacity – 2900 tons of pig iron per day.

Note that the DP-5 was stopped for overhaul on March 19, lasting 16 days. With the completion of the overhaul, the blast furnace was in reserve, taking into account the order book and market conditions.

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