Zaporizhstal congratulated veterans on Victory Day

Zaporizhstal, following the traditions of supporting the older generation, congratulated the veterans on the 75th th anniversary of the victory over Nazism In the second world war.

(from right to left): General Director Aldeksander Mironenko, head of the Zaporizhstal trade union Leonid Anisimov, leading specialist in interaction with youth Anatoly Shirma, head of the Council of Veterans Nikolai Silin, laying flowers at the monument to the heroes-tankers who liberated the city.

“Like no one else, our veterans who have gone through a cruel war and rebuilt the country from the ashes. Everything that we have today is due to them. Our duty is to take care of the older generation “, – said the General Director of the Zaporizhstal plant Alexander Mironenko.

The General Director of Zaporizhstal Alexander Mironenko.

250 veterans of Zaporozhye – participants in hostilities and home front workers – for the Victory Day received gifts from Zaporizhstal metallurgists: holiday food sets, bed linen sets. Also “Zaporizhstal”, “Zaporozhgneupor” and “Zaporozhkoks” provided charitable financial assistance to regional and city organizations of veterans in the amount of 40 thousand hryvnia.

On the occasion of the memorable date, combatants, disabled and World War II participants, prisoners In the concentration camps, family members of the victims were also provided with material assistance. Traditionally, Zaporizhstal provides support to its veterans: the plant guarantees them medical insurance and medical care, pays additional financial support on a quarterly basis and for holidays, supports the activities of the Council of Veterans of the enterprise.

In total, Zaporizhstal Plant annually supports the veterans of the enterprise. directs more than 17 million hryvnia.

Congratulations from the Zaporizhstal metallurgists are received by veterans of the enterprise, combatants Vasily Stepanovich Tsistan and Nikolai Makarovich Koretsky.

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