Statement by Deputy General Director of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih Artem Filipyev regarding the submission from PMGU to the Supervisory Board

– The company does not agree with the requirements of the trade union of workers of the metallurgical and mining industry (PO PMGU). This document was signed solely by the chairman of the PMGU PO Natalia Marinyuk, and in its essence is seen as an exclusively sub “objective assessment. All 15 years of ArcelorMittal’s work in Ukraine, we fully comply with the requirements of the Enterprise Collective Agreement. On May 1, all employees received a wage increase, and before the staff were paid the “thirteenth salary” as a bonus Last year, we invested $ 14,100,000 in health and safety and $ 296,300,000 in production development. in a pandemic, the company fulfills all obligations “obligations to its employees, the local community and the state in the form of significant tax payments amounting to billions of hryvnias. On the contrary, in the published text, the submission from the PMGU PO to the head, in fact, demands to cancel the increase in wages for all employees of the enterprise, has already entered into force. We once again call on trade unions to immediately start a constructive dialogue, including on further improving social guarantees for our workers. We are confident that those trade union organizations that really defend the real interests of the labor collective, and do not satisfy their own political ambitions, will continue to jointly discuss issues that are important for all employees.

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