Interpipe organized the first mechatronics competition within the Worldskills competition

On November 27-29, the All-Ukrainian competition of professional skills WorldSkills Ukraine 2018 was held in Kiev at the art-plant “Platform”. This is the Ukrainian stage of popular international competitions, which are actually the championship of blue-collar professions. During For three days, participants compete in several nominations: electrical installation, welding and locksmithing, lifting and transportation of goods, mechatronics, culinary and hairdressing, fashion technology.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, this year the program for the first time includes Mechatronic Battle – an out-of-competition mechatronics competition for students of vocational schools. The organizers of the competition were INTERPIPE, Dniprovska Polytechnic and FESTO.

Young people who graduate from vocational schools with the qualifications of an electrician, a general-purpose machine operator, and an operator of programmed machine tools can become mechatronics specialists. Already today, such specialists are in demand in modern production, including Interpipe factories, and in the near future they will be one of the key working professions.
16 teams of 3 students each take part in the Mechatronic Battle. Most of the 48 contestants underwent preliminary training at the training stands of the German company FESTO.

Competitions are held in two disciplines – pneumatics and hydraulics. The participants were asked to solve a real production problem related to the work of industrial robots and automated equipment. And after the theoretical decision “check the answer” on the FESTO training stands, which are a simulator of the production process.

In addition, a demonstration master class was held for spectators and participants of the competition, within the framework of which three workstations were sequentially disassembled and assembled with the programming of their controllers. At the end of the master class, all stations were combined into one technological process.

Dmitry Kisilevsky, director of corporate relations at Interpipe and organizer of the Mechatronic Battle
– Mechatronic is a versatile specialist who understands mechanics, hydraulics, electrical and electronics at the same time. Therefore, he can independently maintain, configure and repair automated equipment in modern workshops. Why did we decide to organize a Mechatronic Battle? There are already a lot of robots and modern equipment in production, but vocational school graduates who can work on this equipment, of course, are not enough. Therefore, we are building bridges with a vocational education system so that it produces people who are in demand in modern production.

Lilia Grinevich, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine
– Build such bridges with a vocational education system! We will go to meet you, as it is in our interests so that the children receive the profession in which they can then find a job in the future and be useful to the economy.

Sergey Khudolei, Ph.D., associate professor of NTU “Dniprovska Polytechnic”
– Such competitions on modern equipment popularize vocational education. Each team received its task according to the draw and had to complete it temporarily, solving 4 types of tasks: hydraulics, pneumatics, electrohydraulics and electro-pneumatics. With each stage, the tasks became more difficult. Students will be able to apply the knowledge gained at the competitions at all modern industrial, metallurgical, food enterprises.

Artem, student of Nikopol Metallurgical College
– I have amazing impressions of such a large-scale event. Let me explain: there is no such equipment in our technical school. Here we were able to test our theoretical knowledge in practice by collecting diagrams and solving tasks in hydraulics and pneumatics. In the future, I will be able to apply this experience in my future work at Interpipe factories or other industrial enterprises.

Vladislav, student of the Polytechnic College of Kryvyi Rih National University
– I have very positive impressions, I have always liked such events. They allow me to develop, gain new knowledge for my future profession. I have already taken part in a similar competition in Kryvyi Rih, but I have never worked at such stands. However, we were helped by master classes with experienced teachers on the eve of the Mechatronic Battle.

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