An educational program for teachers of exact disciplines in schools STEAM-CAMP starts in Ukraine

In Mariupol, Zaporozhye and Kryvyi Rih, the project “Leadership educational program for teachers STEAM-CAMP” is being launched, which will improve the quality of teaching mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science in schools using modern approaches to teaching. …

The program is implemented by the Mariupol Development Fund, the Zaporizhzhya Platform for Joint Action, the Kryvyi Rih Fund for the Future together with the Ukrainian Leadership Academy and with the support of Metinvest Group.

What happens to the exact sciences in schools

In Ukrainian schools, the quality of teaching technical disciplines is poor. This is confirmed by world statistics. According to the International Program for the Assessment of Educational Achievements of Students (PISA), Ukrainian students are almost a year behind their peers from developed countries, and their results are on average 100 points lower than in Singapore or China. Moreover, Ukrainian schoolchildren have the most gaps in knowledge in mathematics. After leaving school, most teenagers choose the humanities. Only a third of graduates are ready to enter technical specialties in universities, and only 6-8% of them can gain the required number of points for admission.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, when teaching in schools went online, it became even more difficult to spread the exact sciences. The STEAM-CAMP project will help teachers to establish communication with students in an online format and deal with modern technologies in teaching. The goal of the program is to improve the level of knowledge of schoolchildren and to interest as many students as possible in the exact sciences. The organizers of the project want everyone to be able to enter technical areas in secondary and higher educational institutions, and for this they set a goal to increase the average score of the UPE in mathematics, physics and chemistry by a third against the previous year.

There is a motivation system for teachers based on student performance in exact subjects. And young people who choose STEAM specialties in universities will receive scholarships.

STEAM (science – science, technology – technology, engineering – engineering, art – art, mathematics – mathematics) is an educational methodology that develops analytical, creative, research abilities. These skills can be a competitive advantage in acquiring the technical professions of the future.

How the training will take place

This week the program starts in Mariupol, Zaporozhye and Kryvyi Rih. The project can be attended by teachers of schools of the 2nd and 3rd degree, as well as secondary specialized educational institutions. Teachers will be asked to take a test and write an essay. Applications are accepted until January 20.

According to the selection results, 300 participants from three cities will receive the opportunity to study using modern and effective teaching methods. The training will begin in February 2021. The educational program will last seven months and contain five modules in which teachers are taught soft skills, leadership skills and critical thinking. The learning formats include interactive lectures, microlearning, supervision, work in groups, master classes from children.

The first module will be devoted to the topic of leadership in education, the second module – modern teaching methods, the third – digitalization. In the fourth and fifth modules, participants will be introduced to critical thinking, taught to work with information and properly build communication with students. During their studies, teachers will visit leading enterprises that apply innovative technologies and scientific approaches in practice.

After training 900 STEAM teachers from industrial cities of Ukraine will be able to look at the education system in a new way. More than 5,000 Ukrainian schoolchildren will have the opportunity to choose the technical profession of the future and build a career in Ukraine.

The educational program will end in the summer of 2021, and its first results can be assessed after schoolchildren complete the EIT in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Diana Sidko, project coordinator:

– The program helps to solve several social problems at once. Children of residents of the three largest industrial cities of Ukraine will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the exact sciences, weakened by quarantine and online education. We motivate both students and teachers. Schoolchildren will have more chances to go to universities, get a profession in demand and stay in their native places in their careers. And teachers will be proud to have brought up future inventors and technical geniuses ..

What else is Metinvest doing for children’s education

Metinvest is developing educational programs for schoolchildren, students and university graduates. Alvarium Science Summer Camp is a summer STEM camp for children aged 6 to 14. Play-based learning helps children develop the ability to think outside the box and instill a desire for science. In the technobori, the guys learn to assemble robots, program

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