The first non-state mining and metallurgical university Metinvest Polytechnic was established in Ukraine

Metinvest Polytechnic is a full-fledged university with a teaching staff, modern educational programs and technologies, as well as the right to issue state diplomas. The University was founded by Metinvest Group in June 2020.

The new university is faced with the task of creating a scientific and educational complex, which includes secondary education with a technical bias, special education before higher (junior bachelor), higher education (bachelor and master), second higher education and advanced training. In the future, it is planned to create a research and production center, which will be engaged in scientific, innovative and international activities.

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What kind of specialists is trained

Metinvest Polytechnic is open to all young people who want to get engineering and technical professions in demand in the Ukrainian industry, as well as for Metinvest employees who seek to improve their qualifications.

The university will train specialists in materials science, metallurgy, computer science, automation of production processes, economics, ecology, chemical technology and engineering, architecture and civil engineering, labor protection and mining.

The University has already received a license from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to conduct advanced training courses in the specialties “Metallurgy”, “Metallurgy”, “Computer Science”, “Economics”, “Labor Protection” and ” Mining “. This means that the trainees of such courses will receive state-recognized certificates.

The first listeners – Metinvest employees – are already improving their level of knowledge in the specialties “Metallurgy”, “Labor protection and industrial safety” and “Mining”. And the first admission of two hundred undergraduate students is planned for 2022. Graduates of the school can enter the university for higher education. Training lasts from three to five and a half years.

How it differs from other universities

The university receives licenses only for current and promising technical specialties. Curricula are developed taking into account modern business requirements and the best world practices. 11 doctors and 18 candidates of sciences are working on them. The European Community at Work (ESOSH) participates in the development of the programs. Education is based on the principle of dual education: from the third year, theoretical knowledge is reinforced by practical exercises and internships at Metinvest enterprises.

Industrial companies are willing to pay well for the work of specialists who know how to operate complex equipment. However, the current Ukrainian universities cannot boast of new technology for practicing practical skills of students.

The creation of state-of-the-art laboratories is another advantage of the university. To this end, the university signed memorandums with leading manufacturers of technologies and equipment – international corporations Siemens, Schneider Electric, Honeywell Ukraine and Festo – on the creation and equipping of a modern laboratory base of the university.

IT-infrastructure of Metinvest Polytechnic is developed by Microsoft. The company has already supported the creation of an online training system for continuing education programs. To develop new educational technologies, the latest Microsoft developments in the field of educational programs are used. One of the tasks that Microsoft is solving is the development of the architecture of a modern digital university. The university also got access to training courses from the world’s leading universities on the Coursera platform.

An academic building and a campus will be built in Mariupol for Metinvest Polytechnic and its students following the design project of the Dutch bureau MASA Architects by architect Hiroki Matsuura , known for his works in several countries of the world. The university building will be built using the most modern technologies from Metinvest steel. Thanks to the construction of a new university in Mariupol, the city garden will be reconstructed – one of the favorite recreation places of the townspeople. The city will also receive a modern reconstructed stadium “Azovets”.

Download visualization of the building

General Director of Metinvest Group Yuri Ryzhenkov

– The creation of a modern and high-tech university of international level this year is symbolic for Ukraine, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary of independence, and for Metinvest Group, is celebrating its 15th anniversary. This is our contribution to the revival of the country’s technical potential as its largest mining and metallurgical company. We are interested in highly qualified specialists working at our enterprises and throughout the Ukrainian industry. And we believe that the accessibility of education and its access to a new level will attract young people to the industry who want to study engineering professions and build a career in Ukraine. And we will create all the conditions for this.

Rector of the Technical University Metinvest Polytechnic Aleksan

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