Construction of the Stepnoy-2 dump does not harm the residents of the city and the ecosystem – the decision of the Court of Appeal

Dnipro, April 15, 2021 Today, the court of appeal considered the appeal against the decision of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administrative Court, which previously confirmed that the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine legitimately provided a positive conclusion on the Department of Internal Affairs on the construction of a new dump in Kryvyi Rih and established that the lands on which the dump will be built belong to the category of industrial lands and are NOT included in the territory of the Emerald Network. Representatives of the public organization “Stop Poisoning Kryvyi Rih” filed a lawsuit to cancel the positive conclusion of the environmental impact assessment (EIA). Today the court dismissed the appeal “Stop poisoning Kryvyi Rih”, and the decision of the court of first instance entered into force. In the fall of last year, the court took into account the justifications and calculations, which showed that the impact during the construction and operation of Stepnoy-2 on residents of residential areas nearby is environmentally acceptable, Taking into account compliance with environmental safety standards, and the site where the company plans to operate does not apply to the protected area. The company received a positive conclusion on the EIA from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine. This permit contains all the necessary requirements for minimizing industrial load, and the company fully complies with these requirements. Artem Filipyev, Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs, Government Relations and Communications, ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih – We will NOT insist on reimbursement of court costs by the plaintiff. We are always ready for a constructive dialogue with civil society and believe that strict adherence to environmental obligations is our common area of ​​control. We respect the civil position of caring residents of the city and invite you to talk in order to move forward together, taking into account the interests of society and business. Help The Stepnoy-2 dump is a strategic project of the company, since the production of iron ore concentrate depends on it. The enterprise has already passed several specialized examinations, received a positive conclusion of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure and completed all preparatory work.

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