USA introduces import duties on wire and rebar from 7 countries, including Ukraine

The US International Trade Commission on May 11 determined that domestic producers of reinforced concrete were seriously affected by imports from Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Last month, the US Department of Commerce determined these products were dumped and imposed final anti-dumping duties.

According to the decision notice dated April 6, the final weighted average dumping margin was set at:

• Indonesia: 5.76–72.28%

• Italy: 3.59-19.26%

• Malaysia: 3.94-26.95%

• South Africa: 155.1%

• Spain: 14.75%

• Tunisia: 30.58%

• Ukraine: 19.3%

As a result of ITC’s positive injury decision on May 11, Commerce will issue anti-dumping duty orders on imports of this product, as outlined above.

ITC also drew negative findings on critical circumstances regarding certain imports of this product from Indonesia. As a result, these imports will not be subject to retroactive anti-dumping duties.

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