Radio signal for a metallurgical plant

Since November 1, a radio signal with the code EM85QZS, which means “Ukraine 85 years Zaporizhzhia” Zaporizhstal “, has been playing on the world radio air.

There were many radio amateurs among the workers of Zaporizhstal. One of the few employees who founded the club of radio amateurs within the walls of the plant were Alexander Babiy (slinger of the Central Distribution Center of the UZhDT), Sergey Belokrys, Alexey German (electricians of the Central State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company).

On the occasion of the plant’s birthday, the club members decided to make their present and encrypt in the signal a special call sign dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Zaporizhstal. The Ukrainian State Center for Radio Frequencies gave a special call sign for this purpose.

– Signal code image – EM85 QZS. It means belonging to Zaporizhstal. From November 1st to 30th, we – a team of ten radio amateurs – use this callsign in turn in our daily broadcasts. The signal flies around the entire planet in ultrashort and short waves, says Aleksey German.

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