Metinvest’s digital transformation projects entered the top five in the SAP Quality Awards 2021 competition

Metinvest Group, together with IT partner Metinvest Digital, became a finalist in two nominations of the SAP Quality Awards 2021 among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe for digital transformation projects of continuous improvement processes and logistics and procurement management.

In the Business Transformation category, the jury awarded the SAP Innovations Management cloud solution implementation project. Thanks to him, Metinvest enterprises switched to an automated system for filing applications and collecting ideas from employees in order to improve the operational efficiency of the Group’s production and business processes.

Kirill Makarov, Director of Continuous Improvement, Metinvest Group

– the knowledge and initiative of the Group’s employees is a valuable asset of the company. By involving them in continuous improvement processes and realizing their creative potential, we create the foundation for achieving the strategic goals of increasing the Group’s operational efficiency. Automation of the system for submitting proposals on the SAP Innovation Management platform made the process as transparent as possible and allowed online management of all stages of the life cycle of initiatives from submission and approval to implementation and achievement of the declared effect. In the end, we halved the processing and implementation time for proposals. In addition, we increased the involvement of employees of enterprises in the process of continuous improvement, received an increase in both the number of proposals and the economic effect, which last year amounted to about $ 10 million.

The project with the implementation of the cloud-based online purchasing platform SAP Ariba Souгcing entered the top three in the Rapid Time to Value category. It allows you to conduct centralized tenders and quick auctions, quickly compare supplier offers and attract new ones, pre-assessing qualifications, reduce routine operations, and significantly optimize costs.

Alexey Gromakov, Director of Logistics and Procurement, Metinvest Group

– ensuring the continuity of production and business processes is directly related to the efficiency of procurement activities and well-coordinated work of supply chains companies. The move to the online digital procurement platform SAP Ariba has given us the opportunity to move to a new horizon in the operational efficiency of the function. We have standardized the Group’s procurement process, made it transparent and convenient for employees and partners. We also optimized the procurement budget by 10%, which in the scale of our company reaches millions of dollars.

Metinvest Group is the only company in Ukraine in which the SAP client expertise center is certified at the Advanced level. This testifies to the compliance of its IT processes with the highest international quality standards for the implementation and support of innovative SAP solutions.

Sergey Detyuk, CEO of Metinvest Digital

– Metinvest Group is one of the leaders in the digital transformation of MMC, which other companies are equal to. We are proud of our expertise in the implementation and support of innovative SAP solutions, which is unique and recognized in Ukraine and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. For more than 10 years, SAP technologies have been the digital core of the Group’s transformation. They help the company respond quickly to market trends and lead the way in introducing the latest technologies. The international recognition of our projects is a welcome addition to the added value that we, together with our strategic partner, create for the business.

Metinvest Group has ten years of partnership with SAP. In addition, since 2020 Metinvest Digital has become a certified partner of a global technology vendor.

Maxim Matyash, Director of SAP Ukraine:

– Metinvest Group with the support of IT partner Metinvest Digital has accumulated exceptional experience in implementing and using a wide range of innovative IT solutions, including cloud SAP applications. The company is one of the most innovative in Ukraine and once again receives international recognition for the fast and successful implementation of cloud solutions SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HEC, SAP Innovation Management and SAP Ariba. Having become a SAP service partner in 2019, Metinvest Digital is constantly improving its technological and product expertise, expanding its portfolio of solutions and presence in various areas.

Let us remind you that Metinvest Group projects have been repeatedly noted in the SAP Quality Awards competition. So, in 2018, the company took second place in the world for the production planning project “Coal-coke-pig iron”, and in 2019 received gold and silver for HR transformation projects and the largest migration to the SAP HEC cloud in Central and Eastern Europe.

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SAP Innovations Management – Key Facts:

  • proposals submitted by employees

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