At the mines of Ukraine, coal production decreased

For ten months of this year, Ukrainian coal mining enterprises have reduced production of raw coal by 7.7% (by 1 million 973.5 thousand tons) compared to the same period last year – to 23 million 612.6 thousand tons.

Coal mining enterprises, which are under the Ministry’s control, in the period from January to October 2020 reduced production by 23.5% (by 712.4 thousand tons) – to 2 million 322.5 thousand tons.

The mines of the Donetsk region for ten months ensured the production of 8 million 939.3 thousand tons of coal (which is 1.3% less than the same period in 2019), Lugansk – 175.1 thousand tons (less by 40.7%), Dnipropetrovsk – 13 million 404 , 9 thousand tons (-10.9%), Lviv – 1 million 62.8 thousand tons (-6.2%), Volynskaya – 30.9 thousand tons (-50.3%).

In October 2020, the production of raw coal decreased by 5.1% (by 139.9 thousand tons) compared to the same month in 2019 – to 2,584,000 tons.

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