Technical supervision was carried out at Dneprospetsstal

Rough wagon and locomotive axles, which are produced at Dneprospetsstal, are critical products and are subject to mandatory certification. It is held every two years, and in the interim period, the certification body carries out technical supervision of production. The certification and technical supervision is carried out by specialists of the state enterprise “Ukrainian Research Institute of Carriage Building” (State Enterprise “UkrNIIV”). In addition, each batch of manufactured rough axles undergoes mandatory acceptance by the inspection of Ukrzaliznytsia.

This time, the expert-auditor of the State Enterprise “UkrNIIV” who arrived at the plant checked the compliance of production processes, document management, product control and testing, as well as metrological support of production with certification requirements. In the forging shop, measurements of geometric parameters and ultrasonic testing were carried out on the control axes. Samples were taken from them, samples were made and tested in the testing workshop.

The technical supervision was attended by responsible specialists from the technical department, rolling shop, analytical laboratory, SPC-3, forging shop, QPC, instrumentation shop, technical control department and test shop.

Measurements and tests carried out on all quality characteristics established by GOST and DSTU confirmed the compliance of the axles with certification requirements.

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