Metinvest is recognized as one of the most sustainable companies in Ukraine

Metinvest Group’s project to create a training system for municipalities won first place in the competition of the UN Global Compact “Partnership for Sustainable Development 2020” in the category “Economic Development”.

What project brought Metinvest’s victory

Metinvest has created a training system for municipalities called the MRA (Master of Public Administration) Program. This project is part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility. The goal of the program is to help different cities of Ukraine prepare a new generation of city managers who will be able to effectively manage the city budget, attract investments, implement projects to develop local communities and improve the quality of life of citizens. Modern training and the prospects for building a career in their native places will reduce the outflow of qualified specialists and progressive youth. Moreover, it is impossible to get such an education at the state level in Ukraine.

Program presentation

Witcrites (PDF)

Master of Public Administration

The system emerged from several short-term projects for training city managers. In particular, 73 top and middle managers of the Mariupol City Council and municipal enterprises of the city passed the School of Leaders of Territorial Development. After the training, the participants defended 19 projects before the mayor of the city, and three of them have already been implemented.

The MPA program was launched in September 2019. Students are recruited annually. Today, 58 heads of municipalities from Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Avdeevka, Pokrovskaya and Melitopol are undergoing training. The first stream studies at the Donetsk State University of Management, and the second – at the Lviv Regional University under the President of Ukraine. After training, students will receive state diplomas of these universities.

Metinvest’s partners in this project include the Mariupol City Council, public funds for the development of Mariupol, Krivoy Rog and Zaporozhye, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Ukrainian Leadership Academy.

The program is designed for two years and is focused on the practical application by leaders of municipalities of the knowledge and skills necessary for the development of cities. Training is provided by the best practitioners in the fields of marketing, communications, economic development, project management, critical thinking and urban development.

After studying and training in Ukraine and abroad, students develop projects to improve the quality of services and improve the quality of life of local residents and present them to the mayors of cities. With USAID support, students will be able to take a course on Green Economy and Sustainable Development in the Netherlands.

Students have yet to defend their projects, which is scheduled for June 2021. However, after the first year of training, 20% of managers were promoted. The projects relate to various areas of urban development of the “green” economy, education for students, medical care for cancer patients, renovation of industrial zones, and simplification of access to administrative services. Their customers are waiting for the implementation of these projects, and this is 2 million residents from five cities of Ukraine.

By the way, the UN Global Compact has placed the MRA program in the TOP-20 of the best Ukrainian initiatives. The popular vote for the best initiative starts on December 8 on the MC.Today media platform.

What you need to know about the competition

The Partnership for Sustainability Award campaign was founded in 2018 by the UN Global Compact network in Ukraine. Its mission is to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and foster partnerships between businesses, business associations, government, civil society and academia.

Applications for the competition can be submitted by both private companies and non-profit organizations or local authorities that have implemented a social project together with other interested parties.

There are five categories in the competition: Society, Planet, Peace, Economic Development, and Overcoming COVID-19. This year, more than 100 applications have been submitted to the competition. In addition to Ukrainian companies, participants from Belarus, Macedonia, Poland and Turkey fought for the victory.

The projects were evaluated by an international jury of representatives of the UN GC network in Kenya, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as well as S & P Dow Jones Indices, which is known for its Dow Jones and S & P 500 indices in the field ESG (Environment, Social, Governance – environmental, social and corporate governance).

Winning the competition means that the company’s management and employees adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals and carry out social campaigns, changing the world for the better today.

what else is Metinvest doing for sustainable development

this year the world’s largest corporate social responsibility initiative – the UN Global Compact – turns 20. Exactly half of them Metinvest is a party to the agreement.

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