Metinvest adopted the Business Partnership Code

Metinvest Group adopted the Code of Business Partnership to guarantee purely honest business relations between the Group and its partners.

Why do we need the Code

Metinvest conducts business in good faith and adheres to international principles of business conduct. In relations with partners, the Group applies only fair, open and ethical methods of cooperation.

The purpose of the code is to establish clear standards of ethical and business compliance that should guide both current partners and new suppliers.

The Company hopes that all Metinvest partners, their employees, representatives, subcontractors – individuals and legal entities, as well as Metinvest employees in relations with partners will adhere to the Code.

Through the code, the Group intends to prevent possible abuse and abuse of power, maintaining an atmosphere of trust, respect and decency.

Principles of Partnership

Among the main principles of the company’s business conduct are respect and focus on cooperation, labor and environmental protection, confidentiality of information, compliance with the law and the Code ethics as well as social responsibility.

  • Respect and direct cooperation
  • Metinvest communicates with partners respectfully and strives to adhere to agreements. The Group expects partners to conduct business with the company in an open and professional manner, comply with all obligations and not use unverified information.

  • Occupational health and safety
  • the group carries out its work in compliance with health, safety and industrial safety standards, and also strives to prevent environmental pollution.

    Metinvest expects its partners, including those on the territory of the Group, to guarantee their employees a safe and healthy working environment, and will not tolerate accidents and injuries to employees.

  • Respect for confidentiality of information
  • The company protects personal information about its employees and partners. Metinvest expects partners to prudently use information that is trade secret or otherwise protected.

  • Compliance with Laws and the Code of Ethics
  • The Company condemns all forms of fraud, requires openness, integrity and honesty in all areas of activity, and strives to lead by example in matters of ethics, work environment and equality. The Group expects that the partners of the company will fight corruption both on their part and on the part of Metinvest employees.

  • Social responsibility
  • Metinvest adheres to the principles of sustainable development in all areas of its work. The company protects human rights, evaluates the impact of its activities on local communities and strives to improve their quality of life. The Group hopes that its partners will share these values ​​and conduct business in accordance with high ethical standards, taking into account their impact on the environment, economy and society.

    The full text of the document can be found in the Code of Business Partnerships.

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