Metinvest announces financial results for 2020

Metinvest B.V., the parent company of an international vertically integrated mining and metals group of companies (hereinafter – “Metinvest” or the “Group”), today announced its audited consolidated financial results of operations under IFRS for the 12 months ended December 31, 2020.


  • Metinvest live from every possible visit to find his sportsmen and regions in the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • and from every frequency up to 0.529 in 2020 roci – a record low level for the entire history of the Group.

  • Metinvest has set a new record for large-scale investments in environmental projects, since in 2020 they have outweighed US $ 200 million, including the completion of the main projects from the large-scale environmental reconstruction of MMK’s sinter plant. Illicha (ММКІ).
  • In 2020, the rock to the warehouse of Naglyadovo for the sake of advances Avetik Chalabyan to improve the expertise in the sphere of strategy and investment in metallurgy galusies.
  • The Sustainalytics Agency, the provincial leader of the services of the Galusia Doslidzhen, ratings and reports of environmental, social issues and corporate governance (ESG), has completed the first set of ESG assessments of the Group’s methodology Metinvest is up to the top 10 companies of metallurgical halls, which have passed the Sustainalytics rating, which gave Metinvest a gallant point in the ESG rating at rivni 32.0 on a scale of 0 (lowest risk) to 100 (best risky)


  • Through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Italian enterprises Metinvest Trametal and Ferriera Valsider released their releases from April 25 to April 25 li> Metinvest having completed low investment projects, in the meantime, the project of modernization of the plant of the Central GZK, which depleted the production of gold ore concentrate from the bulk of the bulk of 70.5% of the total volume of for 67.5% for the technology of direct renewal of the plant (DRI).
  • Metinvest in its efforts to sell the syrovin through the increase of a part in the Dniprovsky Coke and Chemical Plant, the Ukrainian producer of coke products materials, the inheritors of whose companies became daughter enterprises of the Metinvest Group.


  • The Group’s Metinvestors succeeded in their Euroobligation in the amount of US $ 333 million from the fixed interest rate of 7.65% of the population, it is likely that any boules are directly linked to the redemption of all loans due to the redemption term in 2021 and 38% of the term. Metinvest Group for the first time handed over to the cooperation with the international financial organization – the Chornomorsk bank of trade and development and took out a seven-year loan from EUR62 million for financing projects of capital investments on retail assets.
  • Metinvest has received a donation of US $ 70 million from between the other credit lines for the financing of capital investment projects at its enterprises, during the winter of three pre-state loans from the guarantors of nearby European credit agencies. Metinvest has launched a completely new program of securitization of debtors’ foreign trade for its Italian assets for the amount of EUR75 million.
  • The enterprises of high liquidity The Metinvest Group paid US $ 178 million for syndicates.
  • The credit rating of Metinvest Group has been re-glanced: Moody’s updated the rating to B2 (forecast “stable”), S&P approved the rating to Metinvest at Rivn B (forecast “stable”) and Fitch approved the rating at Rivni BB– “Negative”).

Commenting on the results, Yuriy Rizhenkov, General Director of the Metinvest Group, meaning:

“Torik pandemic COVID-19 zupinila I mean a part of the light economy. I am proud to say that Metinvest has made it possible to build its own property for a long time. Metinvest Group has reached higher indicators of profitability and realizable keys to investment projects. We have also come to visit our spy workers and regions of presence, within a few hours we can reach significant progress in the implementation of projects related to ecology, interrelated fashion from the communities and corporate

Our first priority for the widening of the pandemic will be to protect the protection of our sportsmen and communities in the regions of our presence. We have broken down the ridiculous and negligent crocs, banned the well-defined medical protocols at all enterprises, and transferred the administrative staff to the remote robot. In addition, we have supplied test systems and are not available to medical devices.

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