Metinvest started production of 32-ton hot-rolled coil

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol is completing hot tests of a hydraulic coiler for unwinding 32-ton hot-rolled coils in the 1700 sheet-rolling shop and starts production of new products.

The implementation of this stage of modernization of the 1700 mill completes a large-scale complex of works to increase the competitiveness of rolled metal products. With the new coiler, the heavy coil production line is complete.

What are the features of the new products

Installation of the equipment allows increasing the weight of hot-rolled coils up to 32 tons, and their thickness – from 8 to 16 mm. Hot-rolled coils with a thickness of more than 8 mm have not been serially produced in Ukraine before.

The main consumers of heavy coils are rolling mills and producers of welded pipes, including those of large diameter in spiral seam design. The products are mainly targeted at the European and Middle East markets.

By using a heavy coil, customers reduce logistics costs, increase productivity, save time and consumables, and gain more options for recycling.

In addition, in some applications, heavy hot rolled coils are an affordable alternative to expensive thick plates. Mastering the production of heavy coil also opens up opportunities for expanding the range of high-strength steel grades for the pipe industry.

Taking into account the new coiler, the production line of the shop allows the production of hot-rolled coils with a thickness of 1.2-16 mm, a width of up to 1550 mm and a weight of up to 32 tons. The production capacity of the 1700 sheet-rolling shop is up to 2,500,000 tons of rolled coils per year.

The modernized shop is already producing hot-rolled steel with a thickness of 1.2-1.8 mm in accordance with European standards. In addition, the volume of such products has grown significantly and now they are not only processed by the plant, but also supplied to the domestic and export markets.

Hot-rolled steel is produced in a wide range of grades, including high-strength steels S460MC and S500MC according to European standards, as well as grades of similar class according to other standards.

After the mill reconstruction, Metinvest increased its order book and expanded its presence in the markets of Europe, Turkey and the Persian Gulf countries.

How the shop works

High quality of hot-rolled coils is provided by modern technologies and the latest equipment from Primetals Technologies Austria.

Coil steel is smelted in the BOF and cast on a new continuous casting machine, commissioned in 2019.

Premium-class slabs are delivered to the 1700 workshop, where they are heated in furnaces to the required temperatures. The metal is first rolled in a roughing group of stands and coiled on an intermediate coilbox to equalize the temperature over the entire rolled surface.

Then the semi-finished roll is unwound and enters the finishing group of stands, where it reaches the required section, after which it is cooled with water in a specialized device. The last point of the technological line is coilers, which reel rolled products.

The plant can process finished products into cold-rolled and galvanized steel, use it for pipe production, and sell it on the market.

After a large-scale reconstruction, the 1700 sheet-rolling shop was put into operation in the fall of 2019. The modernization of the state took place in several stages.

A new heating furnace, a heavy-duty pneumatic coiler, an intermediate rewinding device “coilbox”, a water stripper, a reversible roughing stand and other technological equipment were installed in the shop. The block of finishing stands of the rolling mill was also modernized.

At the end of 2020, a hydraulic coiler was installed in the workshop and the infrastructure necessary for its operation was built.

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