Metinvest invests over $ 1 billion in a new production of cold-rolled steel

Metinvest Group is launching a large-scale project for the construction of a new workshop for the production of cold-rolled steel, galvanized and painted coils at the Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works. Total investments in the project will exceed $ 1 billion. On June 10, the Group signed a contract for the supply of equipment with the world’s leading supplier of technologies for the metallurgy, the Italian company Danieli.

containing the project

Construction of a cold rolling shop is planned at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol. It will include a continuous cold rolling mill combined with a pickling line, as well as three modern lines for applying zinc, aluzinc and polymer coatings. At the first stage, investments in the project will exceed $ 800 million.

Metinvest will involve a large foreign contractor with experience in similar projects to the construction of the complex.

It is planned that in 2025, after the completion of the first stage of the project, the mill will produce about 1,200,000 tons per year of highly competitive cold-rolled and galvanized steel, as well as color-coated steel. In particular, the capacity for the production of cold-rolled coils will amount to over 400,000 tons, galvanized coils – over 600,000 tons, and polymer-coated coils – over 140,000 tons.

  • Yury Ryzhenkov General Director of Metinvest Group

    rolling is our largest project for the next five years. This is a logical continuation of the program for the modernization of rolled steel production at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works. The entire new technological chain, together with a modern continuous casting machine, a reconstructed 1700 state and a new cold rolling shop, will allow Metinvest to achieve world-class product quality at all stages of production – from semi-finished products to coated rolled products. The release of premium high-tech products, the use of advanced technologies, environmental friendliness and the creation of new jobs for qualified specialists – all this makes the project significant for Mariupol, and for the region, and for the whole country. »

The second stage of the project includes the construction of a new section for curing ovens, tempering condition and a coil slitting unit, as well as a new line for applying polymer products to galvanized coils.

After the completion of the second phase of the project, the capacity for the production of cold-rolled products will exceed 1,600,000 tons per year.

What is the effect of construction

The new technology for the production of cold-rolled steel will give Metinvest the opportunity to enter the premium segments of coated steel – galvanized and painted coils, the latter of which is presented in the Group’s product line, as well as to improve the quality and expand the range of cold-rolled products.

The products are intended mainly for the Ukrainian market and, in particular, will make it possible to replace a low-quality imported coated roll with a high-quality Ukrainian-made product. Rolled products are also exported to the CIS countries and Europe.

In addition, the project provides for an environmental component: the existing sulfuric acid digestion technology will be replaced with hydrochloric acid with an acid regeneration unit, which allows it to be returned back to production.

  • Giacomo Maresca Daniele CEO of Danieli Group

    “Technology, that we are implementing in Mariupol are the most modern and environmentally friendly ones on the market today. This automated “smart” complex will be one of the few in the world that combines high quality products, low production costs and low emissions. It is these high-tech complexes that form a new generation of highly qualified specialists and increase the prestige of the metallurgical profession in Ukraine. The Danieli Group of Companies is proud to have contributed to this cause. ”

Highly efficient gas cleaning equipment that meets the latest environmental standards of Ukraine and Europe will be installed in the new workshop. Thanks to gas cleaning systems, emissions of harmful substances will be 1.5-3 times lower than the maximum permissible standards in Ukraine, and fuel consumption will decrease by 20%.

In addition, the new production will create more than 230 jobs.

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