Metinvest Group will consider Mariupol’s proposal to allocate a site for the construction of a university

The country’s largest mining and metallurgical company is studying in detail the proposals for the construction of the first non-state technical university in Ukraine. Applications are received from different cities of Ukraine, including Mariupol, where it was originally planned to build Metinvest Polytechnic.

The decision to change the construction site of the university was made by the management of Metinvest Group on April 14, despite the fact that the building was planned to be built on the site of an abandoned summer cinema, which is privately owned by the company and outside the City Garden. The construction of the building did not in any way affect the park itself and would initiate the development and reconstruction of all adjacent territories. The company respects the opinion of the society of Mariupol and reacted with understanding to the desire of the townspeople to preserve the current look of the old part of the city.

The main principles of the company are sustainable development, constructive interaction and mutually beneficial partnership with society.

Metinvest Group received a proposal, signed by the deputies of all factions of the Mariupol City Council, on the allocation of a plot in the area of ​​Peace and Freedom Square for the construction of Metinvest Polytechnic. City councilors assure that this proposal reflects the opinion of the whole society, and the company hopes that if a location in Mariupol is chosen, there will be no more misunderstandings about the construction of a university in the city.

Metinvest Group is grateful to the city for the offer made: in general, this site in the city center is interesting for a large educational project. In the near future, all the necessary studies of the territory will be carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. After conducting examinations and obtaining conclusions, the company will be able to make a final decision by evaluating all the proposed locations.

It is important that the new institution of higher education is not subject to contention and political manipulation. A modern university provides new opportunities for strengthening the vector of development of any city and strengthening the position of Ukraine in the field of higher technical education. Therefore, the Group expects that Metinvest Polytechnica will become a factor uniting for society and one of the main centers of attraction for the selected region.

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