Where Ukrainian professional stars are lit

The best young blue-collar workers have been named in Ukraine. On October 13, the online awards ceremony for the winners of the All-Ukrainian competition of professional skills WorldSkills Ukraine took place. This year the final of the championship was held in Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Dnipro, Kiev and Glevakha (Kiev region).

How it was

For two weeks more than 80 young specialists from 23 regions of Ukraine competed in nine competencies: electrical installation, welding, locksmith and turning, bricklaying, hairdressing, mechatronics, as well as operation and maintenance railway transport. Three winners were announced in each of the competencies. By the way, five employees of Metinvest enterprises won four nominations.

The competitions themselves were held in educational institutions, but through the coronavirus, the course of events could only be monitored online.

the task was to complete its operation – to assemble an electrical circuit, weld steel plates, make a part – in a certain time. By the way, this year the tasks have become more complex, new equipment and tools have appeared.

Why the youth competition

the competition gives talented young people an opportunity to acquire new skills, find a job and build a career in the profession.

“I am very grateful to those who make my profession popular. An electrician is one of the main professions, without which the world cannot be imagined, ”says Sergei Sobotyak, winner of the Electrical Installation Work competence.

At the same time, competitions help develop vocational training standards in the country.

“Such events give our youth a clear and important signal – your country needs you, you are appreciated. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is proud of the level of your professional skills. Each of you is closely watched by the best employers in the country. We are confident that the future is yours, ”Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Artur Seletsky said at the award ceremony.

What employers want

Employers are interested in seeing young and promising personnel in Ukraine, therefore they invest in their training. Specialists of blue-collar professions are in demand in our country, and they are not just in demand – there are enough of them. The largest industrial companies are ready to offer the winners and all the participants of the championship.

“For most of the finalists, Worldskills Ukraine will be the first step towards a prestigious job and a decent future. We are glad that the competition has opened new professional stars for us, ”said Dmitry Oleinik, Chairman of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine.

What Metinvest offers

Metinvest has become the general partner of the competition since 2016, when Ukraine joined the global movement Worldskills International. The group also sponsors six competencies and supports competitions for turners, locksmiths, electricians, welders, transport workers and bricklayers.

At Metinvest, young specialists can also master a second profession in parallel, which means that there are twice as many opportunities for earning money and a car of “growth”.

“We are interested in young people studied and worked in Ukraine. Our enterprises annually employ about 1.3 thousand graduates. More than 4,000 students annually undergo practical training. This year alone we will allocate more than UAH 40 million for programs for young people. Dreams should come true, and in This is becoming possible for Metinvest, “said Yuriy Ryzhenkov, CEO of Metinvest Group.

What is Worldskills

Worldskills Ukraine is part of the international competition Worldskills International, which is called Olympic Games for pupils of vocational schools, students and workers aged 18-22.

The organizers of the competition are the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Institute for the Modernization of Content I education, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine with the support of the Federation of Metallurgists of Ukraine and the association “Ukrmetallurgprom”.

Worldskills International was founded in 1946. This is the entire competition in the world: the competition is held in 85 countries. Ukraine became a member of Worldskills International in 2016.

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