Dneprospetsstal carries out overhaul of the furnace

Furnace No. 15 in the KPTs was modernized in 2015 and became the “first sign” in a series of comprehensive programs to renew the plant’s heating furnaces.

The old brick lining with high thermal conductivity was replaced by a new lining based on lightweight, low-inertia fibrous materials. The new method of stacking in blocks and the lining material itself made it possible to achieve significant savings in energy consumption due to greater tightness and thermal insulation, and also provided a better heat treatment of the metal.

This repair involves replacing heat-resistant blocks and sealing (“plugging” gaps and cracks) with heat-resistant materials. The implementation of these procedures will restore the passport characteristics of the heating furnace. Consequently, the positive effect of her work will be maximum.

Source: http://www.dss-ua.com/

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