“Making Ukrainian”: Metinvest launches a project for the 15th anniversary of the company

Metinvest Group celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. For many of us, metallurgy and mining are difficult, but at the same time, we are faced with the results of their work on a daily basis. Before its birthday, Metinvest launches a website robymo.com.ua, where Ukrainians can learn more about the main achievements of the largest Ukrainian private company.

The site tells in an accessible way about what Metinvest has been doing for these fifteen years, the company has been doing for Ukraine and for the cities in which its enterprises operate. Important figures are given – indicators of the Group’s work for the entire period of work.

The site presents Ukrainian objects in the construction of which Metinvest steel was used. They can be seen in augmented reality simply by using the smartphone’s camera. For example, you can place the Donbass Arena stadium or the Darnitsky Most in your apartment. And also to find out, in the creation of which more iconic structures in Ukraine and the world the company took part.

Metinvest has also prepared an inspired video project “Making it Ukrainian”. This is a series about Ukrainians who make Ukraine famous in the world, creating something special. The first hero of the project will be Andrey Khalpakhchi, General Director of the Kiev International Film Festival Molodist.

General Director of Metinvest Group Yuri Ryzhenkov

– This year has turned out to be rich in terms of good dates. Ukraine turns 30, and Metinvest turns 15. For half of the history of the independent state, we were close and did everything for our country to develop and prosper. Working in Ukraine and for Ukrainians, being involved in the creation of iconic objects is a reason for joy and pride. We invite you to share them with us on the website robymo.com.ua and become even closer to each other.

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