Structures from Kolomoisky’s orbit earned more than 4 billion from the sale of coal and gas to the state-owned Centrenergo – investigations

Firms associated with Igor Kolomoisky have earned more than 4 billion hryvnia in six months from the sale of coal and gas to the state-owned company “Centrenergo”, selling raw materials for electricity generation at prices sometimes exceeding market prices. In return, the businessman denies any involvement in the activities of these private companies. This is stated in the investigation of the journalists of the Schemes: Corruption in Details program (a joint project of Radio Liberty and the UA: Pervyi TV channel). The Schem journalists received from tax sources and analyzed documents on the financial and economic activities of Centrenergo for the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

Namely, what kind of raw materials for the production of electricity, from whom and at what price the state company purchased. “Schemes” established that the suppliers of 59% of the total volume of coal purchased by PJSC “Centerenergo” from October 2019 to March 2020 were two companies – LLC “Record-System” (34%) and Chao “Sintez Oil” (25%). The total amount of contracts between Centrenergo and Record-System LLC amounted to more than UAH 2.4 billion, and from Sintez Oil PJSC – over UAH 1.6 billion.

In addition, starting in January 2020, United Energy LLC began to supply another type of raw material for electricity generation – gas – to Centrenergo. In January-May 2020, United Energy sold at least 22.6 million cubic meters of gas to Centrenergo for a total amount of over UAH 103 million. The state-owned company paid another UAH 5.8 million to this private company for booking capacities.

Both “Record-System” and “Sintez Oil” sold coal to “Centrenergo” at prices sometimes higher than market prices. For example, in March, Record System supplied a mixture of gas types of coal to the Centrenergo station at an average price of almost 2.6 thousand hryvnias. While its closest competitors – 1.9 thousand. And the market supply for similar coal was at the level of 1.68 thousand hryvnia per ton.

In January 2020, Centerenergo bought from Sintez Oil LLC a ton of G and T coal for UAH 2.2 thousand, while on the market it could be purchased for 1 , 85 thousand UAH, that is, cheaper by 20%. United Energy LLC, a gas supplier to Centrenergo, accumulated funds through intermediation. This happened due to the “preferential” price at which Ukrnafta (the controlling stake belongs to the state, over 42% of the shares are controlled by structures, the ultimate beneficiary of which, including Igor Kolomoisky), sold gas to United Energy.

Ukrnafta sold gas to United Energy at a price of 3.5-3.9 thousand hryvnia per thousand cubic meters. And United Energy supplied gas to Centrenergo at 33-49% more expensive – 5.2 thousand hryvnia per thousand cubic meters. All three companies – “Record System” and “Sintez Oil”, which sold coal to “Centrenergo”, and “United Energy” (sold “Centrenergo” gas) – have signs of ties with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

According to the register of legal entities, Record System is owned by Roman Fesenko, a 29-year-old from Odessa. Before that, he was not involved in business, he studied at the Odessa Technical School of Railway Transport. He refused to answer journalists’ questions.

At the same time, the registration address of Record-System LLC – Odessa, Izvestkovaya street, 54 – leads to a chain of companies, journalists note. According to the data of the register of legal entities, OOO Nefteks is registered at the same address. This company is owned by PJSC Eximnefteprodukt, which is controlled by five Cypriot companies (Prescona Management Ltd, Portial Trading Ltd, Clanton Consulting Ltd, Inofos Management Ltd, Conlar Holdings Ltd). Four out of five of the same Cypriot structures (with the exception of Conlar Holdings Ltd) also own Sintez Oil, the second coal supplier to Centrenergo.

Portial Trading Ltd, Clanton Consulting Ltd and Inofos Management Ltd appeared in the published register of financial and industrial groups and legal entities of the State Tax Service as non-resident companies of the business group of Igor Kolomoisky and his business partner Gennady Bogolyubov. In addition, Visic Investments Limited and Marigold Trust Asset Management are the sponsors of Portial Trading Ltd. Both appeared in the list of companies of Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov in the Privatbank case in the United States.

In addition, Marigold Trust Asset Management was present in the founders of all four Cypriot companies that own PJSC Sintez Oil. Analysis of documents on the financial and economic activities of United Energy, a gas supplier to Centrenergo, also revealed a connection with the structures of Igor Kolomoisky. The main suppliers of gas for this company at the end of 2019 and in 2020 were two enterprises: the already mentioned Ukrnafta, from which more than 72% of raw materials were received, and the Representative Office of Momentum Enterprises (Eastern Europe) Limited, whose share in supplies amounted to 22 %.

The latter is registered in Cyprus, and the Ukrainian editions “Mirror of the Week” and “Business Censor” pointed to the affiliation of this company with Igor Kolomoisky. Behind these documents, buyers of significant

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