Steel-making enterprise “Elektrostal” retained the production of continuously cast billets – 73 thousand tons

The steelmaking enterprise “Elektrostal” (Donetsk region) in January-September of this year kept the output of continuously cast billets at the level of the same period last year – 73 thousand tons.

As reported to the agency ” Interfax-Ukraine “representative of Elektrostal, 6 thousand tons of products were smelted in September, while in the previous month – 11 thousand tons.

At the same time, he recalled that from January to mid-March 2019, the enterprise was completely idle and partially resumed work since mid-March, after which it operated by a third of capacity or less.

As reported, in 2019, the output of continuously cast billets at Elektrostal decreased by 3.5 times compared to 2018 – up to 83 thousand tons from 289 thousand tons.

Since 2000, the Donetsk Metal Rolling Plant (DMPZ) began to experience a shortage of purchased steel billets for its own rolling production, as a result of which it was decided to build a steel-making enterprise – Elektrostal “.

DMPZ specializes in the production and sale of metal products: long products, cast iron pipes, structural elements of ferrous metals, nuts and shovels.

Based on materials: Interfax-Ukraine

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