Experts have named the reasons for the growth of the hryvnia against the dollar

The main factors that affect the exchange rate on the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market on May 18 are the period of budget payments and the auction of the Ministry of Finance planned for May 19 on the placement of government bonds. Both of these factors play in favor of the hryvnia, according to experts of the website “Ministry of Finance”, who track the course of trading. The National Bank has already entered the market twice, redeeming the surplus dollar supply at UAH 26.60 and UAH 26.57 per unit of the American currency.

According to, as of 12:55 pm, trading on the interbank market was at the level of 26 hryvnia, 56-58 kopecks per dollar. The NBU set for May 18 the official rate of 26 hryvnia 64 kopecks per dollar, the reference value fixed by the regulator at noon, hectares seven kopecks less – 26 hryvnia 57 kopecks per dollar.

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