Cooperation with Deutsche Bahn will accelerate the reform of Ukrzaliznytsia – Ambassador Melnik

German Railway, Deutsche Bahn, and Ukrzaliznytsia spivpratsyuvatmut as strategic partners. The Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnik spoke about this in an interview with Radio Liberty. “As of today, we are talking only about consulting.

That is, thanks to the specialists of the German railway, the reform, which was launched in Ukraine, will not only be continued, but will be carried out at an even faster pace, “the Ukrainian diplomat said. Andriy Melnyk noted that “in terms of the volume of traffic, passengers and cargo, the German and Ukrainian railways are actually on the same level.” “That is, these volumes are of one dimension.

Freight traffic in Ukraine is even higher than in Germany. Therefore, if we succeed in the cooperation that was founded, to provide a practical continuation, then I am convinced that I can only benefit from such a partnership, ”Melnik said. A memorandum of cooperation between Ukrzaliznytsia and Deutsche Bahn was signed in Kiev in February 2020.

It noted that it was about consulting German specialists on optimizing operations and management. The details of cooperation at that time were not known, they will be regulated by the strategic partnership agreement, the signing of which was previously announced in February. The Ukrainian and German sides have not announced new dates yet.

On December 27, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers announced the approval of a plan for reforming the railway transportation industry in Ukraine. There we are talking about the introduction of contractual ordering of passenger transportation, which will be recognized as socially important; measures to ensure the safety of transportation when the carrier market opens; restructuring plan of Ukrzaliznytsia JSC to prepare the company for the opening of the rail transportation market and initial public offering (IPO).

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