Swedish athlete found 50 artifacts from the Bronze Age

The Swedish orienteering lover Thomas Karlsson, just doing his hobby, made the largest archaeological discovery in the history of Sweden.

While wandering around the town of Alingsos in the west of the country, he discovered a “treasure” of 50 artifacts of the Bronze Age of 2.5 ‑ thousand years ago, that is, dating back to 750 – 500 years. BC. The authorities acknowledged that this is the “most notable and largest find of the treasure” of the Bronze Age in Sweden.

The main part of the treasure is made up of ancient jewelry – necklaces, chains, needles, bracelets and anklets. “Most of the finds are bronze objects that may be related to a woman of high social status in the Bronze Age,” said Johan Ling, professor of archeology at the University of Gothenburg.

The artifacts found by Thomas were simply lying in the forest near the boulders.

“The animals probably dug them out of the crevice between the boulders, where, as can be estimated, they were previously piled,” the authorities noted.

Thomas himself admitted that at first he mistook antiques for garbage. “It looked like metal rubbish. This lamp is lying there, I thought at first, ”says Thomas.

He bent over the antiquities and saw the necklace.

“ But it looked so new. I decided it was a fake, “he said.

As a result, he informed the authorities about the find, and they dispatched archaeologists to survey the area.

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