The head of the Ministry of Energy initiated a revision of the “rate of return” oblenergo may increase electricity tariffs (corrected)

Acting Energy Minister Olga Buslavets initiated an increase in the profitability of oblenergo by viewing one indicator when calculating electricity tariffs, which may lead to an increase in the cost of electricity for end consumers. This was reported by the journalists of the Scheme program.

At the disposal of the journalists was a letter signed by Buslavets dated September 28 addressed to Prime Minister Denis snooping, in which she asks to give instructions to an independent body – the National Commission for State Regulation in the Spheres of Energy and Utilities (NKREKP) revise the “rates of return” approved in August for the “old” asset base for operators of electricity distribution systems (oblenergos). “I ask you, dear Denis Anatolyevich, to instruct NKREKP, together with the Ministry of Energy and other market participants, to revise the rates of return on the“ old ”asset base in order to attract the necessary investment for the modernization, reconstruction and construction of the network infrastructure of distribution system operators (oblenergo – ed.) , which will improve the quality of power supply and reduce the cost of connecting customers ‘electrical installations to power grids, ”says Buslavets’ letter. Revision of the rate of return “on the old base” (that is, on the property that is already on the balance sheet of the oblenergo), according to Buslavets, will improve the technical condition of the network infrastructure and the security of electricity supply to consumers, as well as simplify and reduce the cost of connecting new electrical installations to electric networks.

“The long-term regulatory parameters adopted by NKREKP, in particular, the establishment of a rate of return on the“ old ”regulatory asset base of up to 3%, do not contribute to the appropriate attraction of investments for the development of networks and, accordingly, reduce the cost of connecting to them”, – notes Minister Buslavets in the letter. On October 1, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal instructed to consider a letter from the Energy Ministry within a week and inform the Cabinet of Ministers about the results. This is stated in a letter signed by SHMYGAL to the heads of a number of specialized authorities, the journalists of “Schem” cite.

“Schemes” made a request to the Ministry of Energy about the consequences for consumers from the initiative of the head of the department. After the publication of this news, the ministry confirmed that, in their opinion, the current rates of profitability of oblenergo “do not allow accumulating sufficient financial resources for” effective modernization of power grids and electrical equipment. “At the same time, the ministry noted that” in Olga Buslavets’ letter to the Prime Minister, the figures for raising rates, including 6% each, are not indicated. ”

(Corrected. At first, this news erroneously indicated that this figure was indicated in Buslavets’ letter to the Prime Minister). , the need to establish this rate at the level of 5-6%, which is almost twice the current rate, was discussed at a meeting of the National Council of Reforms (of which the head of the Ministry of Energy Buslavets is also a member).

The corresponding decision was taken unanimously following the discussion. , said in a statement by Mikheil Saakashvili, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Reforms, which is quoted by the Ministry of Energy: “It is proposed to set the profitability on level of 6%. The Office of Simple Solutions and Results prepared this reform together with entrepreneurs and government. When the parliament votes in favor of our proposals, everything will be much faster and cheaper.

The National Council of Reforms was unanimously supported. ” The journalists also asked NKREKP to comment on Buslavets’ initiative and tell how viewing this indicator will affect the cost of electricity for industry and the population. Chairman of the National Commission Valery Tarasyuk said that he considers the actions of the acting

Energy Minister Olga Buslavets as “pressure on NKREKP”. According to him, if there is an increase in the rate of return from 3%, which was approved by NKREKP, to 6%, this will lead to an increase in oblenergo’s revenues by a total of UAH 1,000,000,000 per year. “The oblenergos will collect this money from all consumers, primarily from the industry.

The population will feel it the same way – because the growth of tariffs will be incorporated by the industry into the cost of goods, ”he said. At the same time, the Ministry of Energy in its statement cites the arguments voiced at the meeting of the National Council of Reforms: “The reform of connection to the power grids is a long-standing demand of Ukrainian business. We want to speed up this procedure for new businesses THREE times! This will accelerate the creation of new jobs, increase tax revenues, and stimulate economic growth.

It is proposed to reduce the cost of connection to power grids by strengthening the infrastructure of power grids by Power distribution companies. And also by revising the parameters of the return on investment for existing

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