“Privatbank” wants to return 400 million hryvnia, which was collected in favor of the Surkis

Privatbank wants to return almost 407 million hryvnia, which in 2018 the court recovered in favor of the family of businessman Igor Surkis and his brother, MP from the Opposition Platform – Through Life, Grigory Surkis in the framework of lawsuits A-Bank JSC and FC Dynamo Kiev LLC “The basis for filing applications was the establishment by Privatbank of the circumstance that Mr. Igor Surkis himself confirmed his joint ownership with the former shareholder of Privatbank, Mr. Igor Kolomoisky in the media group 1 + 1 “. Such confirmation is contained in the claim of Mr. Surkis, which was filed by the co-owner of A-Bank at the end of last year before the court in London. This is one of the grounds for concluding that it is connected with Privatbank, the institution said.

Earlier, Igor Surkis denied that he owned a stake in the 1 + 1 media group, so Privatbank believes that the decision on the A-Bank and Dynamo Kiev cases should be reviewed due to newly discovered circumstances … Also, behind these circumstances, the legality of the determination of Mr. Igor Surkis as a person connected with Privatbank must be confirmed. On June 15, the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court should continue consideration of case No. 826/20221/16 on the claim of the Surkis family on the cancellation of the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine regarding the determination of the members of the Surkis family as persons related to JSC CB “Privatbank” and on the invalidation of agreements on the exchange of their deposits for shares of an additional issue of Privatbank (bail in) and collection from the state-owned Privatbank of 1 billion hryvnia.

In 2017, the court of first instance, the District Administrative Court of the city of Kiev satisfied the claim of the Surkis family: Igor, Grigory, Rakhmil (father of Igor and Grigory), Marina (daughter of Igor), Svetlana (daughter of Grigory) Surkisov and Polina Kovalik (wives Grigory) – they asked to cancel the decision of the NBU No. 105 of December 13, 2016, by which they were recognized as persons related to the bank, and ordered to return them 1.05 billion hryvnia, 266.2 thousand US dollars and 7.8 thousand euros. The Kiev Administrative Court of Appeal then dismissed an appeal against the decision of the court of first instance.

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