President of Internet Global Technology Alexander Volkov commented on the decision of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission regarding the company

Alexander Volkov disagrees with the decision of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of November 20, 2012 to suspend operations with securities of the Internet Global Technology company and intends to appeal it in court.
“I believe that this decision was made by the commission under the influence of information, which was formed as a result of a PR campaign launched against a securities dealer -“ MMSIS Investments ”.
The statement from the commission that “This decision was made by us in connection with the signs of manipulation of securities revealed by the commission”, which was made by the member of the commission Evgeny Voropaev, cannot have any relation to our company.
We have never dealt with anything like that, and we have nothing to do with the signs that the commission revealed. We have listed shares on an exchange where they are traded by third parties, whom we do not control, as well as the price that is formed as a result of demand for shares of a particular company.
I believe that the prices of our company’s shares are fully justified, and this is confirmed by their owners, buying them at market prices.
All the talk that the company allegedly has no potential is made by those who want to harm our company – we have a huge number of developments, potential partners and contracts, and therefore I am sure that our company will continue will rise, as will the price of its shares.
I am also sure that the court will overturn this decision, otherwise it will create a precedent when the shares of any company can be blocked without evidence and factual grounds.
Under such circumstances, no reasonable investor will buy shares on the stock market, and I am sure that companies will not go through an IPO.
Even if we assume that someone in the stock market carried out manipulation operations, and the commission proves this, then in any case the punishment should be borne by the one who carried out these manipulations, but not the issuer and shareholders of the company, who In this case, they suffered in the first place, although they have nothing to do with even the ability to manipulate.
Based on the decision, it turns out that any merchants, having agreed, can carry out manipulation operations, and the issuer, which has nothing to do with them, will suffer from this. This state of affairs opens up tools for competing with unwanted issuers and is threatening to the logic of the stock market.
According to Mr. Voropaev, these decisions were made taking into account the materials received by the regulator in the course of a comprehensive study of the activities of the company “MMSIS Investments”. I am sure that the activity of a merchant who sells and advises his clients shares of our company, whatever it may be, cannot serve as a reason for the imposition of any sanctions against the company itself.
I know that there is no evidence against our company and cannot be in nature, since we work honestly and openly, completely in the legal plane. We are ready to go through any checks and confirm the legality of our activities.
In addition, I would like to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that we are the first Ukrainian IT-company that has placed our shares in public circulation on the Ukrainian stock market. This already says a lot, we are a new phenomenon in the stock market and an example for other companies in the field of IT technologies.
Using our example, IT companies should see that it is possible to attract investments in the stock market and follow in our footsteps by conducting an IPO. I am sure that only a massive IPO in the IT sphere can bring it to a new level, and I believe that everyone should contribute in every possible way to this process.
But, as we can see, our “IT specialists” do not want to be public and pay taxes, perhaps because they do not want to face such difficulties. And this once again confirms the fact that we are not only the first, but still the only IT company that has placed our shares in public circulation on the Ukrainian stock market. I am sure that we should be set as an example, and not hinder our development.
Our company has introduced a new industry to the market, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that our shares are in demand as a result, and their price is growing. If you look at examples from other countries, companies there raised much more funds, and their shares grew more rapidly.
On the other hand, I understand the commission and its actions, it did not have time to collect evidence and had to somehow react to the information noise, as it faced a new phenomenon for the stock market, which has never seen such a corporate confrontation and such sophisticated PR activities. However, I believe that such a hasty decision of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission did not have the best effect on the desire of representatives of the IT sector to develop.

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